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We offer two different Chiang Mai tours. A morning tour within the Old City of Chiang Mai, focused on markets and local restaurants. Our evening tour concentrates on street food cooking, in a number of locations just outside the Old City. Both tours includes different Thai food, so if you liked the first tour why not join us again?




​What to bring?

Comfortable shoes for walking in, hat or umbrella for sun shade (morning tour only), an open mind and a healthy appetite.​

Group size


Minimum 2, maximum 8


Our tours are 1,200 THB per person,​ 800 THB per child, aged 6-15, 5 years old and under free.

Our Chiang Mai tours are inclusive of all food, drink, licensed tour guide, tour insurance and information leaflet


1,200THB is approximately 37US or, 33 Euros. Payment is made in Thai Baht directly to the guide at the start of the tour.


We will pick you up and drop you off at your accommodation in the city for no additional charge. Just let us know where you are staying.


if you are outside the main city there may be an additional charge for transportation, details given on request.

Travelling solo?

If you are travelling solo and would like to book a tour, no problem. Just let us know your available dates and we will join you with a group.


Private tours


If you would like to explore and investigate at your own pace why not book a private tour? We offer private tours for 2,500THB for one person only, and 1,500THB per person for a group of two.





Starting with a detailed exploration of the local markets, we’ll start with the most popular breakfast dishes and drinks before weaving our way through some of Chiang Mai’s Old City’s famous historic sites concluding with lunch in some of the city's most popular local restaurants.



Typical Thai breakfast and coffee, Chiang Mai's famous khao soi curry, steamed chicken, mango and sticky rice

Starting time and duration

We will pick you up at your accommodation from 08:30-09:00 and drop you off there at approximately 12:00.






Our most popular tour, we will pick you up at your accommodation before travelling by private car to explore a number of the the evening street food markets around Chiang Mai city, trying out some northern Thai delicacies and learning how to order food in Thai.



8-10 different dishes including Kannom Jin (Chinese noodles), northern Thai delicacies, stewed pork leg,  ​coconut dumplings

Starting time and duration

We will pick you up at your accommodation between 18:15-19:00 and drop you off there at approximately 21:30.




If you prefer to avoid meat then the evening tour is better for you. However please note that many dishes are prepared with fish sauce and oyster sauce and are therefore not completely vegetarian.


Please do let us know before the tour if you are vegetarian.



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