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Bored of pad thai, fed up with fried rice…ever wondered what it is that the Thai people are tucking into?

Tantalize your taste buds and learn about real Thai food, where to go to get it and how to order it on one of our Chiang Mai tours.

​Led by experience licensed local tour guides with a passion for Thai food and Chiang Mai we’ll deepen your appreciation of our world famous cuisine and understand why Thai food plays such an important part of our nation’s culture.​

During our two to three hour Chiang Mai tours around the historic city as well as learning about the main national  street food dishes, you’ll also get to experience the authentic flavours of northern Thai food and Chiang Mai specialties, stopping at markets, food stalls and small local restaurants on the way. We take you to Thai food eateries popular with the locals.​

To help you continue in your quest to eat real Thai food we will also teach you enough basic Thai language to order your favourite dishes. So if you are interested in making the most of your time in Thailand, come on one of our gastronomical Chiang Mai tours.

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